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Newspaper reports

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Newspaper reports

Post  Father General on Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:11 pm

As part of the KS campaign, and to promote immersion, period-correct responses, behaviors and interactions will be rewarded as well as publishing of AARs and the sharing of any communication that is related to the campaign and promotes immersion. As to how it will be rewarded is for you to find out...

Snippets of news have filtered through the lines and into each camp.

Charleston Mercury

This reporter has confirmed via the WAR DEPARTMENT that Lt. Gen. Neal, a.k.a. The Father General has disappeared after a raid into Maryland with his entire division. Sent to divert enemy attention from the Peninsula and to cut Union lines of communication towards the Cumberland District, his mission was initially successful. However, the worst is now feared as no communication or report has been received by the War Department for a week. Sources claim that Federal sympathizers have returned to the area once occupied by the Father General and if he still lives, he is Missing In Action. We fear for the lives of our sons and the Father General, a true hero to the Confederacy. The War Department has not revealed plans to rescue this brave Division.

Harper's Weekly

Lt. Gen. Georgia was witnessed visiting the White House today where it is thought he received orders to support General McClellan on the Peninsula. With his hard-fighting Injuns in tow, it is expected that he shall whip the Rebels in full sight of Richmond.

In other news, a Confederate Division of men under the command of the bizarre and brazen "Father General" have disappeared in Western Maryland state. It is unknown if they have become lost in the Blue-Ridge mountains, or have returned to the South. Word has come to us, via a private source in Richmond, that the Confederates are prepared to say "Good riddance" to the man if not for the troops he takes with him.
Father General

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Costa Rican General arrives in DC request to join Union Army

Post  Guest on Wed Jun 25, 2014 4:41 pm

Father General is this what you mean?

Harper's Weekly: Late last night a Costa Rican Brig Gen Juan Santa Maria arrived in Washington and requested to join the Union Army in its pursuit of the Confederate's Lost Division. Gen. Santa Maria also know to his troops as Gen Fabula in Animo Suo, which in English means Legend in his Own Mind, brought a petition to DC to enlist into the ranks of the Union Army. In his letter he presented the following arguments.

In 1850 Nicaragua and Costa Rica both faced off against the Confederate Filibuster William Walker at the request of the Honorable Cornelius Vanderbilt. Walker and his band of outlaws set out to enslave and conquer the two nations and use the citizens as slaves. When we returned to our homeland of Costa Rica after the death of Walker at the boarder of Nicaragua and Honduras we brought back Cholera which the Confederate parasites infected us with. This infestation killed 10% of our Country's citizens. My President, El Presidnete Juan Rafael Mora has asked me to extract vengeance upon the Confederate's in the Name of the Costa Rican Citizens!

Mr. President please accept this request from my President, Countrymen and myself.

Your humble servant,


Brig. Gen. A. Suo


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Re: Newspaper reports

Post  KCarter1 on Thu Jun 26, 2014 8:43 pm


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Re: Newspaper reports

Post  Guest on Thu Jun 26, 2014 10:06 pm

Thats cool!


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Re: Newspaper reports

Post  Father General on Fri Jun 27, 2014 5:03 am

Brig Gen Juan Santa Maria,

Your request to assist in the defense of our glorious Union is granted. You have been commissioned, based on your impeccable service record, as a brigadier in this army.

At this time, we have a brigade in need of an officer. This is a brigade of Italians, and should serve you well. They are better drilled than most. Translators will be offered as best as possible, but they understand English well and fight even better. You will be pleased with their courage and tenacity in battle.

The Italians in our service draw upon a great legacy from classical times when they ruled the known world. Their courage and might serves us today. We wish you great fortune with them against the enemy.

Please depart at once.

-Sec. Stanton
Father General

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Re: Newspaper reports

Post  Guest on Fri Jun 27, 2014 1:44 pm

Honorable Secretary Stanton,

Sir to serve your army will bring great honor to my countrymen. I appreciate your offer for interpreters but us Spaniards and Italians understand each others native language!

Together we shall hunt them parasites down.

Your Honorable servant,

Brig Gen Juan Santa Maria


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Re: Newspaper reports

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