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Scenario is built and sent to host. Second Battle update 7/2

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Scenario is built and sent to host. Second Battle update 7/2

Post  Father General on Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:51 am

The second battle is ready to go.

I have sent copies to Mitra, who I believe will host, and a backup copy to Digby. I am using Digby for backup copies because I trust him. I do not expect Digby to host however. In the event Mitra cannot host or there is some problem, Digby will be trusted to get the scenario files to whomever can host on Saturday.

I may be back home by Saturday, or I might not, so I cannot guarantee my presence for the launch.

For anyone who did not fill out the Doodle, they are on standby and may fill spots not taken should someone no-show. Otherwise, let's encourage them to use the Doodle.

I have placed an objective on this map, but the objective is for a reason other than determining victory. The gold star does not appear in the sky, or shouldn't, just on the map itself. The battle will take place on Pipe Creek map 1. That's the map with Uniontown on the very edge. I don't want men fighting against the map edge because that's inherently ahistorical and there is no way to flank troops who anchor themselves there. That's absolutely against the spirit of KS. (Besides, we saw what happened historically when Meade anchored his flank on the map edge and Lee couldn't go around to the right. It was very unfair and many Americans are still calling for a rematch of that battle. At least where I live.)

The objective will functionally represent the town. Whomever controls the objective controls the town on my STRATEGIC map.

However, I will look at all metrics as well as the final position of troops to declare a win, loss, or draw. Any outcome is possible, even a win-win or a lose-lose. The commanders have their own orders, difficulties, and ridiculous situations to overcome.

A final note to Jack Baylor. I'm sorry but I had a problem with the scenario generator absolutely refusing to pull your personal battery into the scenario. I need to talk to Stefan about that. I will do so next week, I just ran out of time this week. I have substituted another battery for you to borrow. It's just as good. I even doubled their stats from a level 1 to a level 2. (just kidding!) I'll see about fixing the OOB next week. For now, let's get the show on the road.

I'll be available by email the next couple days, but will be away from home. Hopefully Gen. Georgia does not pass through my neighborhood while I am gone. Although he'll just find a wide selection of Bibles with the loving parts of the New Testament simply blackened out in favor of highlights in the Old. No silverware, I'm taking that with me to the beach. I just don't trust leaving it there after all the discussion on here...
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