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An alternate Waterloo campaign

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Re: An alternate Waterloo campaign

Post  SolInvictus202 on Sat Apr 18, 2015 4:21 pm

Current intel on the situation around Mons indicates that at least two infantry divisions with one cavalry division up front are in the area - roughly a corps - but if there are more French behind them on the road, noone can say at this stage!
The cavalry the Hanoverians have been facing at Mons were Hussars, Chasseurs and some Dragoons. No Cuirassiers have been spotted so far.

Allied forces however also do not exceed two divisions and supporting cavalry at this time: the 3rd and the 1st - both strong divisions - especially the 1st, but divisions no less...
the 2nd Netherlands is on the way to meet them from the east - while the 3rd has other orders.
Cavalry is a problem on its own - only two brigades (both running from the French towards the north) are available at this stage - no heavy units amongst them.

LtGen Alten will try to make the most of the terrain available to him- his choice will be discussed at a later date.

biggest question of all however is: Will the reinforced Prussians be able to deal with the main force on their own?

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Re: An alternate Waterloo campaign

Post  SolInvictus202 on Tue Apr 21, 2015 5:16 pm

Part 6 is now online:

The Prussians gradually lose ground around Charleroi but keep delaying the French, while MajGeneral Rebecque has issues of his own: The Prince of Orange has arrived on the field.

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