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Teamspeak 3 - Channel Hotkeys

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Teamspeak 3 - Channel Hotkeys

Post  Mr. Digby on Sun Mar 18, 2012 2:07 pm

Useful for those of us who prefre to have the game running in full-screen mode and so cannot see the TS window to switch channels when another player general's avatar is in the same location.

I have Teamspeak 3 version 3.0.5 (dated 15th Feb 2012). I have found that an earlier version of TS3 calls the "Switch to Channel" option the "Channel Commander", so if you have v3.0.(something lower than 5), try looking for the "Channel Commander" set of buttons.

Start Teamspeak and go to the SoW:GB Server. This needs to be open and you need to be online so the different channels are available for TS to let you chose from.

From Teamspeak's top list of headings select <SETTINGS> and then <OPTIONS>.

From there select <HOTKEYS>. You now see two panels on the right. The left one is headed <PROFILES> and the right hand one is headed <PROFILE DETAILS>. Below each is an <ADD> button.

We are not going to mess with changing/adding Profiles, so ignore the <ADD> button under the left hand of the two panes and instead click <ADD> under the existing Profile (Profile Details).


New options now come up and under <SERVER> you will see "Switch to Channel" (or in versions prior to 3.0.5 "Channel Commander", click the + sign beside that and the different options are shown. "Switch to Channel" has a + sign beside it, click the + and the different channels in Ike's server come up. You can now select LOBBY CHANNEL, MEETING ROOM, UNION OFFICERS, CONFEDERATE OFFICERS and any of the BATTLE ROOMS and assign a hotkey using the buton that says NO HOTKEY ASSIGNED on the top panel.

You can have the channel get switched either ON KEY DOWN or ON KEY RELEASE depending which radio button you select. When pressed/released, you will be switched to the selected room. Remember you are not switched back, you stay there.

Note that if you have other TS Servers bookmarked, their channels also show up so you can even switch TS servers this way, I think.

Since if you have the game in full screen you won't get a visual reminder of which channel you are in, you'll need to keep a handwritten scribble somewhere of where you are. This isn't a big problem as those of us playing in a window can see the TS server window so we can come to the room you are in or prompt you to move to one and join you there for a private battlefield conversation. Be careful not to use the hotkey for anything else in case you suddenly depart the channel during a conversation!

If anyone has any problems with thi sor needs clearer instructions, drop a note here and I'll meet you online and talk you through it.
Mr. Digby

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Re: Teamspeak 3 - Channel Hotkeys

Post  Martin on Sun Mar 18, 2012 2:32 pm

Many thanks. I'm going to explore this as I like to play in full-screen mode. I just find it more immersive fror some reason.



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