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Letter To Cousin Mary

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Letter To Cousin Mary

Post  Uncle Billy on Wed Nov 14, 2012 6:42 pm

July 27th, 1861
New Market, Virginia

My dear cousin Mary,

By now I am sure you have heard of our great victory at New Market. The rebel hoard has scurried away to lick it's wounds. Please tell your husband that I shall be delivering more wounds to them shortly.

The town was a worthy prize. I have found numerous items that you are desiring with which to refurbish that dank house you inhabit. There is far less drapery, carpeting and furniture in New Market now, than before I paid it a visit. Expect two wagons to arrive soon. I also included a fine box of cutlery for your use. Sadly, one of my boys died in acquiring it. We have the murderer, but given his age, I am torn between making him an example and showing him mercy.

Please ask your husband to have a word with the quartermaster general's office to expedite my request for more wagons. My men have stumbled upon a very fat cache of silverware and other valuables in a seminary just outside of town. It was being jealously guarded by a covey of nuns. I managed to convince them that the valuables would be safer in my care rather than leaving them where they could be subject to the depredations of marauding soldiers. I believe giving them a few of the baubles may have had some influence upon their decision. I shall be dining with two of them this evening in hopes of furthering cordial relations among certain elements the civilian population as per your husband's instructions. My duties are never done.

Give my kindest regards to your husband. Let me know if I overlooked anything on your list. I shall be visiting other towns in the valley and will endeavor to make up for any shortfall.

With kindest affection,

M.T. Georgia

I can make this march and I will make Georgia howl.
Uncle Billy

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Re: Letter To Cousin Mary

Post  Father General on Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:21 am

Dear cousin Billy,

It was with great happiness that I read your letter of July 27th. I must say, Abraham was very pleased at your victory. It was sorely needed. The coming and goings of people who think themselves important have only increased following your victory.

Thank you for the cutlery. Since we have arrived in high society, our need to put out better finery has only grown. I am sure your gifts will be greatly appreciated.

Be careful associating with those papists, even if they are mere nuns. We don’t need rumors swirling about.

Now I have included a short list, only seven pages this time, of items we expect hope to see you deliver. Number 12 may be a bit of trouble. I have no idea what Abraham wants with a stuffed beaver, but he mentioned it to me last night, saying he wanted to stuff one himself once in a while. I really think the stress of his work is getting to him. Anyway, I suppose it would be a nice gift, if you can find one.



P.S. When you return, we’d like to take you out to the theater with us. Please call upon us as soon as you are able!
Father General

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