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Movement Rates and Common Game Info for all Players

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Movement Rates and Common Game Info for all Players

Post  MJ1 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:36 pm

The movement rates that can be expected are as follows: -

US / ARVNFoot18
US / ARVNMech40
NVA / VCFoot21
NVA / VC ArtyFoot15
These Movement Points are then used to cross terrain types in a 12 hour period. Each Terrain type has a different cost.

TypeMP Cost
Road0.5 / 1 for foot
So in a 12 hour turn a Battalion of NVA infantry moving through jungle would cover roughly 7 Km.

The following types of orders can be given to your forces (lowest level is company).

Watch / Defend = No move and a bonus to attack if enemy move in range and are surprised.

Move / Assault = Specify where they are to move to or what target to attack.

Dig in = Will fortify an area and give bonus to defending troops.

The ranges of artillery are as bellow

122mm Rkts20km
You can communicate between commanders via Radio but messages will be subject to interception by your opponents.

All radio messages must be written on the appropriate forum that you have access to, they will then be transcribed by the umpire to the right commander and if intercepted will be also be shown to your opponent.

Runners will operate in same method but the message will take a lot longer (depending on distance) and could get lost altogether if intercepted by enemy patrols.


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Re: Movement Rates and Common Game Info for all Players

Post  MJ1 on Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:13 pm

FYI - Maps Used for both City and Large area are all 1km Squares.


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