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A couple of general questions

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A couple of general questions

Post  dan1066 on Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:17 am

So I stumbled upon KS and have begun to do some research about it. This certainly looks right up my alley.

So the first question... I see the reference to 'Free Kriegsspiel' in several places. Is this in reference to those that do not use dice roll tables to determine combat but use Umpire discretion?

Are there currently any PBEM games running that I might be able to spectate in on?

Lastly (for now,) there are references to orders being written on 'official military' forms of one sort or another... So I'm not worried about the forms, but would someone please throw out a couple of example sets of orders? I have a set idea in my head but I'm afraid I'm drastically off.

Thanks all, and it's great to be in on this community.

Dan Young
Nashua, NH, USA

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Re: A couple of general questions

Post  James Sterrett on Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:15 pm

Hi, Dan!

-- Free Kriegsspiel usually still uses dice (at least the way I do it). The key difference, IMO, is what is prioritized: Strict Kriegsspiel prioritizes precise simulation of the events on the board, at the expense of speed of play, while Free Kriegsspiel prioritizes the player's command experience by keeping events fast at the expense of precise simulation.

Neither one is wrong, though I much prefer Free Kriegsspiel.


The key thing to include in orders is Task and Purpose: Do X *in order to* accomplish Y.

Consider the difference between:

"3rd battalion will take the bridge."


"3rd battalion will take the bridge in order to deny the enemy movement to the west."

When the enemy decides to use a ford instead of the bridge, the first command leaves the 3rd defending the bridge. The second command should see 3rd battalion moving to deny the enemy the use of the ford, because the specific task is subordinate to the purpose. (Coordinating instructions might have specified that somebody else was going to defend the ford, in which case 3rd might stay put unless they think the ford is going to fall, the bridge is not threatened, etc.)

Another example of a fragmentary order. Bravo Company is tasked with taking a bridge in a town in order to secure a line of communications; the company commander turns to the platoon commanders and says,

"Our mission is to seize and secure the road bridge in order to secure the LoC.
1st platoon is the main effort, attacking north of the road.
2nd platoon is the supporting effort, covering 1st platoon's flank to the south of the road.
I will be with the reserve, 3rd platoon, following in trail of 1st platoon.
Mortars, priority of fire is 1st platoon."

James Sterrett

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Re: A couple of general questions

Post  dan1066 on Mon Aug 03, 2009 10:15 pm

James, Thanks for the info.

I'll probably pick up the TFL book soon I would imagine. I read through a bunch of other info I printed out, from 'The American Kriegsspiel', 'Rules for the Conduct of the War-game on a Map', and this site (Army level in particular,) over the weekend and I am looking forward to giving this a try with some friends.

As I get closer to running one, i'm sure I'll have some more questions.

Thanks again,


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Re: A couple of general questions

Post  MJ1 on Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:42 am

I hope it goes well for you and the players enjoy it. I always find it quite stressful as I am keen for it to go well and flow quickly. The key for me is to try and give the players plenty of decisions to make and quickly. If the player has choices to make they feel connected to the game and involved. So don't get too hung up on how far units can move and measuring to the exact millimetre, it is better IMO to be fluid and quick to keep players involved.


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Re: A couple of general questions

Post  Martin on Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:23 am

Absolutely agree. The worst sin is for the umpiring to be 100% accurate but slow. Given their limited knowledge, the players are unable to appreciate the accuracy, so all they have is the slowness.



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Re: A couple of general questions

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